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Alcatel Shine Lite Hands-on, First Impressions

The top has the 3.5mm headphone jack and noise-cancelling microphone. You’ll also see two plastic strips for the antennas.

The bottom end has a symmetrical layout with the micro-USB port flanked by drilled holes for the loudspeaker and the main microphone. Just like on the top side, a couple strips are placed for the internal radios.

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A bright-field glass shot of a glass of tea. Lit by one SB-25 underneath the table the glass is resting on, triggered with Radiopopper JrX radio triggers. Setup shot:
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water glass assignment nofear strobist
strobist: sunpak 422d, 1/16 power, bare, above and slightly above subject, ebay radio triggers. silver backdrop, black sides and front. white-balance obviously cooled in post. I think technically, my 5-year-old,...
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Vintage Glass Radio Savings Bank
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