Venetian mirrors A/C Compressor Glass

1971 1972 a/c compressor air charger gtx muffler b-body clutch a-body e-body

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For parts or not working
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Bay Village,OH,USA
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parts ac compressor for your project..i am not sure what this is exactly for... .i think is for the newer mopars of the 70's
important here is the clutch turns freely!!
this can be worth the asking price alone..
again not positive what this unit is exactly for..please check your application...
shipping handling tracking and extra careful packing for safe arrival all in will be 39.00 in the cont usa..and this is how we will do through the global shipping program as well..of course you  also pay to get it shipped from the global shipping center.text or call 440-522-0048 with any questions

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