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Paranormal Mirror Mid 1960's Reflecting the Unseen World of Spirits Past Present

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Every once in awhile there comes along a paranormal experience that defies a logical or a scientific explanation as to why certain things are occurring. For whatever reason, certain objects seem to be able to attract more spirit activity to it than others do.

The mirror and its reflections have always held a certain fascination and curiosity to those that look at it. Some believe that the reflection is an image of their soul and others believe that mirrors reflect the “shadow soul” that could show the true nature of the person being reflected while others believe that mirrors are portals to the spirit realm and even other dimensions.

If you have a connection with or are drawn to the paranormal, then this mirror might be just what you have been looking for in your search for answers.

When you look at the different photos you will notice that the images within the mirror represent different time periods and the apparent interaction of those in the world of spirits and for the living. What are the messages that they are trying to tell us?

 Vintage Era Metal Floor Length Standing Mirror with Decorative and Detailed Gold Painted Metal Leaf Design.

Estimated circa mid 1960's

There are four working lights and the mirror and frame stands at 67” tall to the top of the gold leaf. The mirror itself is approximately 48” tall and 20” wide. The total width from light to light is 43" and the depth of the mirror from base to base is 21".

This mirror weighs a hefty 30 lbs.

This mirror is priced for pickup only from the 44614 area code. If you are interested in the mirror and would like to get a price to have it shipped to your location, I can provide the contact information to a freight shipping agent that is able to get you multiple quotes from different competing freight companies. Please send me a message for that...

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