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Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Window 10’ X 4’ With COA

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Original Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass window framed in cherry wood. Window measures 8’ x 3’ with frame 10’ x 4’ . Very heavy weighs approximately 300 lbs. circa late 19th century to early 20th century. Have provenance- LCT was contracted to make this custom one of a kind window. The owner of the window asked to be anonymous by her daughter. The daughter stated that this piece was in parents mansion , which was at a undisclosed address in Georgia. When her mother passed, the daughter brought the window to her home in Scarsdale,NY. This is when the window was custom framed. The daughter sold the window to now new owners (my family) just before entering nursing home, then since passed on in 2014. We had the window looked at by an appraiser Courtney McCormick AOA.CM and here is what they found.. piece is in excellent condition except for a small crack located on bottom left measuring 1-1 1/2”. EXAMINATION- this stained glass window is not signed, though LC Tiffany did not sign many of his pieces, especially the early customized ones. The craftsmanship and materials used are indigenous opalescent marbleleized glass as well as rough cut jewel glass. Except for one minute crack in left bottom panel, there are no other chips or breaks. All lead is in place, without missing or damaged pieces. DETERMINATION- In my opinion and examination of this piece, I conclude this to be an authentic Louis Comfort Tiffany stained Glass Window. An estimate retail value between $400,000 & $850,000. This piece is local pickup only, you have to move piece or hire a moving company with insurance and have it transported to your Home or office. Thank you for looking at this beautiful Piece Of Work! Was told by another dealer that he believed this was a La Farge window, which is just as valuable as LCT.

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