Venetian mirrors Glass


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New York,NY,USA
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  • Color:
    Robins Egg Blue,Caramel,Jewels,Brown, Chunk Glass
  • Maker:
    Take ur pick make it in the top 5 BEST ARTISANS
  • Type:
    Stained Glass Windows
  • Primary Material:
    Glass & Love
  • Original/Reproduction:
  • Circa 1890 to 1898:
    size 36" by 44" w/ Bronze sash

    To the many false experts that exist today and the spreading  falsehoods on Tiffany windows and the like forgive ME but the thought of offering a false guarantee irks me no end. Even the big houses like Sotheby's, Christies, Doyles and the like most always choose someone in the glass business like Lillian Nassau or one of her top apprentices on east 57th street to guarantee a windows authenticity. LILLIAN who today is long gone but whom  mother and I shopped with on Hudson Street in the late 1950s and learned much FROM, What I am trying to say is that many claimed experts are little more then past friends to the ernest collectors of the 40s and the 50s-60s    Alistair, Allan, Larry,  Minna, Lillian Hoffman,Jordon Volpe,  Renee-City East ANTIQUES Gallery . all pull out their knowledge OR ENGAGE IN SPIRITED CONVERSATIONS to get the finders fee and likewise. But one glance of this window brings you to no other realization then  this Masterpiece was done by a BRILLIANT GLASS CREATOR and my attribution to JOHN La Farge I FEEL IS Spot On.No qualms or discussions here. Never will you find anything remotely similar to this window employing this design and technique coming with  THE HUGE GLASS CHUNKS which WERE all HAND DONE & CHIPPED AWAY WITH A HAMMER.        RIGHT OFF YOU KNOW THIS CREATION WAS DONE BY A GENIUS ONLY TIFFANY STUDIOS WORKER & LA FARGE USED THIS TECHNIQUE IN THE 19THC..AND I FEEL IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A TIFFANY WINDOW This window was terribly difficult to photograph well.thick and Heavy as heck..Look closely my dear breather-en Not much else to say other then if money is your overriding FACTOR do take up your time with other hobbyist types OR learn to crochet . It is primo decorator or stain glass window aficionado's I care to  examine this work of art. Their appreciation speaks volumes as to the greatness of this window    I  believed immediately upon first seeing this window that it was made either by John LaFarge  In doing research on...

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