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Genuine Cosmic TLV Chinese convex Bronze Mirror Han Dynasty, 206BC-220AD

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  • Type:
    bronze mirror
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  • Age:
    206 BC-220 AD
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Genuine Cosmic TLV Chinese Bronze Mirror Han Dynasty, 206BC-220AD

Stunning, absolutely incredible Cosmic TLV Chinese Bronze Mirror, 100% authentic.

This mirror has a distinctive island of reflective surface 35 x 15 mm

TLV design incorporates both scientific and mythological elements.

The mirrors are also called "compass mirrors" by Chinese Scholars.

Made in Han Dynasty: 206 BC-AD 220 

Diameter: 137 mm = 5.5"

Weight = 400 g = 14 oz

The mirror surface is convex, bulging outward in order to cover more space to reflect.



The first mirrors with TLV symbols appeared during the second century BCE, with some believing that they were related to Liu An's astrological and cosmological interests.

The dragon was an important symbol of these early TLV mirrors.

In early mirrors from the second century BCE, the dragons were often used as an arabesque, however by the first century BCE, the dragons lost their arabesque form and became fully-fledged figures.

In the later part of the Western Han period, the dragons had been replaced by winged figures, monsters and immortals.

These new mirrors also saw the division of the main area into two separate rings, with the TLV symbols being placed in the inner part of the main area, and other decorations being placed in the outer area.

By the end of the first century BCE, the band dividing the main area into two concentric rings largely lost its structural function of separating the mirror into two sections.

 Instead it existed merely as a line, or not at all.

Mirrors from the Xin Dynasty (8-23 CE) usually have an outer band with cloud or animal motifs, and an inner circle with a square containing a knob.

The inner circle often contains a series of eight 'nipples,' and various mythological animals and being, often including the Queen Mother of the...

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